Post-Doctoral Loan Repayment FAQs


What is a post-doctoral fellowship (post-doc)?
Answer: A postdoctoral fellowship is a training-focused position available to individuals who have earned a research-focused doctorate. A post-doc is a continued learning and research training, usually within five (5) years of completion of a research doctorate (PhD). Post-doctoral fellowships usually act as a stepping-stone between the student experience and the full-time professional experience with the goal of strengthening a graduate’s skills as a research scientist.

Eligible Schools/Colleges
What schools are offering post-docs in Wisconsin?
Answer: At this time, post docs are offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In the future, Marquette University may offer post-docs.

Length of Program
How long is the post-doc program?
Answer: Post-doctoral appointments are full-time, 12-month positions for a 1-year term, with the possibility of renewal for a second term.

How much funding is available?
● $75,000/year/post-doc has been allocated for funding.
● Appointees should be aware of tax implications associated with WNEP funds.
● These funds will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis for eligible schools

Are international students eligible to receive funds?
Answer: No, as with federal and state funding requirements, citizenship or permanent residency status is required.

Are these funds considered taxable income?  Will my taxes be impacted?
Answer: Given each person’s individual circumstances, we are not able to provide a one-size fits all answer. Recipients are advised to talk to a tax professional as to the implications of the award.

How do I apply?
Answer: Students accepted into a postdoctoral program at UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee, can apply directly to HEAB. Forms can be found at

How can I be eligible for WNEP funding as a post-doc?
Answer: You must be appointed as a postdoctoral fellow or trainee at an eligible Wisconsin School/College of Nursing. All requirements for your doctoral degree must be completed before the appointment is made, including the actual filing of the final dissertation. You must commit to fulfill a 3-year teaching commitment at an approved (non-profit, accredited) Wisconsin nursing program.

What happens after I am appointed as a postdoctoral fellow at an approved Wisconsin School?
Answer: The eligible school/college will verify eligibility and commitment to a nursing faculty role. The eligible school/college will submit a signed appointment letter and other required documentation (e.g. promissory note, etc.) to HEAB, while maintaining a documentation file for each postdoctoral appointee. Upon HEAB approval, appointees will receive allocated funds directly from HEAB.

Teaching Commitment Requirement
Will I/Can I be assured of a teaching position at a specific school?
Answer: No. Many schools have faculty vacancies; however, a school cannot be expected to hold a position or assure that a position is available that aligns with your area of expertise. Positions are available throughout Wisconsin and you may
complete the teaching commitment requirement at any eligible school in the state. This may require relocation.

How do I secure a teaching position after I complete my post-doc?
Answer: You will need to apply and interview for positions as usual. Teaching requirement must be completed at an eligible WI nursing school/college. Individuals can verify eligibility with the school/college or with HEAB.

Must I hold a Wisconsin nursing license?
Answer: Yes. The goal of this program is to provide Nurse Educators for Wisconsin. To teach nursing courses, faculty must be licensed by the state of Wisconsin by the start of faculty contract.


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